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Don't be that friend

Don't be that friend

Quite often, we’ll be asked to exclude existing prospects and clients from an email marketing campaign.

We always advise against doing that.

We get it, of course.

Either you don’t want to waste the emails you’re sending, or you don’t want them to be aware of an offer that’s only applicable to new clients!

Our overriding point of view is that we’d want to know if our clients were looking elsewhere.

Beyond that, what if they receive your email at a different address anyway?

Awkward, right?!

They might feel left out!

Imagine being in a group of friends, and one day, they just stop talking to you.

You start to feel like you're not part of the group anymore, and you start to question what you did wrong.

The same thing can happen with your existing clients if you exclude them from your marketing campaign.

Don't be the friend who leaves someone out of the group chat!

They might get FOMO.

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a real thing, people!

If your existing clients see that you're sending out emails to new clients but not to them, they might start to feel like they're missing out on something.

They might think you're being shady!

We all have a little bit of paranoia in us.

If your existing clients start to notice that you're only sending emails to new clients, they might start to question if you're being shady.

They might wonder if you're trying to hide something from them or if you're up to no good.

Don't give your clients a reason to be suspicious of your business!

So please…

Don't exclude your existing clients from your email marketing campaign.

Keep your clients happy, informed, and engaged by including them in all of your marketing efforts.

Remember, a happy client is a loyal client!

Lee Shore
17th March 2023

Written by Lee Shore on 17th Mar, 2023.

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