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How Long Does it Take to Unsubscribe from Merrehill?

If you have been or are receiving marketing communications from Merrehill or one of our clients and you wish to opt out and for your information to be removed from future marketing campaigns, please use the following form to Unsubscribe from Merrehill. It is important that the information you provide is the actual contact details to which you received the communications.

Upon receipt of your request, our compliance department will suppress your contact details within 48 hours. However, please allow circa 30 days for communications to gradually decline before ceasing altogether.

Fill in this form to unsubscribe

DISCLAIMER: We ask for your phone number in the event that we are unable to remove your email address.
Once your data has been removed, we will delete the details from this form submission.


If you feel it would be preferable to process your request via a different means, please do Contact us via phone or email.