Merrehill | Resist that temptation!

Resist that temptation!

Resist that temptation!

Writing promotional material isn’t a simple task.

Particularly when promoting to a cold audience.

A group of potential prospects who have probably never heard of you.

And in some cases, aren’t even aware that your service is “a thing”.

The temptation is to go in all guns blazing.

This is who WE are.
This is what WE do.
This is why WE do it.
This is how WE do it.
We’ve been doing it for x number of years.

Etc, etc.

You get the picture.

To get the most out of any campaign, you should try and resist the temptation to do that.

Focus on the word YOU.

Focus on the reader.

I could easily write about Merrehill.

How we’re a B2B email lead gen company.

We’ve been going for 18 -years and managed tens of thousands of campaigns.

That we put the customer first (cringe!).

Truth is, you’re not bothered about that.

It may add some credibility down the line when it comes to going ahead.

But right now, YOU need leads, and YOUR current source has dried up.

And we can help YOU generate those leads.

Those last 2 lines there are the message.

A pain point you can associate with and a solution.

A reader struggling to generate leads is immediately intrigued.

Good copy, in my opinion, doesn’t just give information.

It sparks an emotion and a reaction.

And that’s what generates leads.

Written by Lee Shore on 3rd Oct, 2023.

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