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Are your emails paid commission?

Are your emails paid commission?

Email marketing is all about capturing the reader's attention and driving action.

One way to do this is by leaving questions unanswered in your email promotions.

We should never reply on the email being the closer. More the introducer.

By creating a sense of curiosity and intrigue, unanswered questions can prompt the reader to take action, such as opening the email or clicking through to your website.

However, it's important to strike a balance.

You don't want to leave the reader completely in the dark, as this can be frustrating and lead to disengagement.

Instead, use unanswered questions sparingly and ensure that they are relevant to the email's purpose.

Unanswered questions can be particularly effective in subject lines, where they can entice the reader to open the email and read on.

In the body of the email, tease the reader with hints and snippets of information, leaving them wanting more.

This is key in promotional emails that are designed to drive sales.

Leaving questions unanswered is just one strategy in your email marketing toolkit.

It's important to continually test and refine your email promotions to ensure that they are effective and engaging for your audience.

Or, as always, let us do it for you!

Written by Lee Shore on 28th Apr, 2023.

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