Your email landed in my junk

Your email landed in my junk

I received an email last week that made me chuckle.

The subject line was “Guaranteed inbox delivery”.

The email was in my junk folder.

Oh, the irony.

Definitely one for Alanis Morrissette.

It was one of the emails selling “amazing” email delivery software.

And with a list of “two million UK directors”.

That has been quadruple opted in etc, etc.

BS basically. Not even a genuine company.

The bit that got me, however, was the subject line.

Guaranteed inbox placement is literally impossible.

Unless you’re hacking every machine pre-send and updating junk settings.

I’ll assume not.

And therefore, anyone with “safe senders only” set will see your email delivered to junk.

Along with most of those set to “high” protection.

But I check my junk folder.

As do around 70% of people, according to a poll I ran on LinkedIn.

I check it because I know emails slip through the net.

One of the most common questions we’re asked is: “Will my emails land in junk?”

And we always answer, “Some will, yes”.

Because of the above reasons.

However, the manner in which we run campaigns gives your email the best chance of landing in an inbox.

And even if it doesn’t, chances are it will be found.

We regularly see replies starting with: “Your email landed in my junk, but it just so happens…”

A lot of people respond to our own promo emails pointing out the same.

“Yours landed in junk; how do I know mine won’t?”

“Well, you don’t, but we’re talking, so it worked.”

We know that we generally have high inbox placement.

We know this from the stats and the success of our campaigns…

(funnily enough, the unsubscribe stat is the biggest teller – low unsubscribes is a bad sign!)

… and you don’t last over 15 years running email campaigns that don’t work.

Do you check yours?


Lee Shore
24th March 2021

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