How to get more opens on your email marketing.

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How to get more opens on your email marketing.

Ever sent an email campaign and been left utterly deflated by no leads and a low open rate?

You know the problem.  You decide you’re going to run an email marketing campaign to your clients, or potential prospects.  Then you choose your audience, set up a platform to deliver through, design a fantastic looking email and pick the ideal date & time to launch the campaign.  The emails go out, and you hear nothing, not a jot.  Reviewing the stats, you see only 4% of the audience opened your email.  What a waste of time, right?

Well the good news is, getting more opens is quite a simple task, and is usually solved with hindsight!  If you’re confident the content of your email is informative, engaging, well targeted etc, then you just need to ensure people are reading it.

It all comes down to what your reader sees before they even open the email:

  1. Who is the email from?
  2.  What is the subject

I find that an email from a named person is always better than an email from a company/brand.  The problem with the latter is the (non)reader will already have a clue what your email says/asks and decides beforehand they don’t need it right now.  An email from “ Grant Decker “ is slightly more intriguing.

The subject line is the more obvious one.  Such an integral part of any campaign and so much to consider.  In my opinion, your email should give the reader a clear idea of what they are about to see when they open your email, but not so much that they can “pre-decide” if they’re interested. For example:
Instead of “ How to get more opens on your email marketing.“
I would choose” Your last email campaign”

Both subject lines are true in terms of the content they’re about to speak about, but the second one leaves an air of mystery and requires the email to be opened to FULLY understand what the subject matter is, and giving the reader a more informed choice on whether they are interested or not.

Beware the “false open” –

It can be very tempting to use any subject line JUST to get the open.  This is where your subject line is vague, or even has no relation to the content whatsoever.  You may achieve a high open rate, but you’ll also see a high unsubscribe rate.  Furthermore; if the campaigns fails, you won’t know why as a good portion of your opens may simply have been “false opens” and you will have no real clue how effective the content could have been with an on-topic subject line.

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By Lee Shore

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