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Email Design - flyer vs text

Flyer Vs. Text | Marketing Strategies Compared | Merrehill

Quite often we’ll prepare a design for a client and they are a little underwhelmed.  They were not expecting to see an email written in the style they’d send a standard email via their Outlook (other platforms are available).

This is because we tend to favour a text-based, personalised email sent from a named person.

But how do you know when to use this style, and went to go out with a full blown aesthetically pleasing email flyer.


To my mind, there are only 2 reasons you would ever want to run a campaign in this style:

  1. Your product/service is something visual that needs to be seen for your reader to understand, recognise, appreciate and want
  2. or, your brand is well-known, and any reader would expect any promotional material from you to be presented in your usual branding style.  Also, its something they instantly recognise and will engage with because of that reason.


Otherwise, I’m text all the way. The email isn’t pleasing to the eye, BUT, your reader is likely to take in more of the content before making an informed decision on whether or not they are interested.


My analogy would be flicking through a magazine and noticing a beautifully designed full-page car ad; you admire the design, even the car itself, but you continue to flick through the magazine and forget the ad quickly. Make sense?


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By Lee Shore

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