Email Marketing Personalisation – Creating an Effective Campaign

Email Marketing Personalisation Effective Campaign Creation Merrehill

Email Marketing Personalisation – Creating an Effective Campaign

The Concept of Email Marketing Personalisation

At Merrehill, we’re proud to say we create effective email marketing strategies for businesses. We do so by keeping ourselves organised and focused on delivering a top quality product. To make sure email marketing is as effective as possible, it’s important to focus on personalisation.

Personalised Email Marketing

Personalisation is Crucial

Personalisation is a key part of an effective email marketing strategy. It allows your brand to make and instant, personal connection with your audience. It’s also more likely to grab the attention of the reader. Personalisation is achieved through email subject lines and the body of the email.

Including the first name of the recipient in the subject line is a good way of catching their attention before the email has even been opened. Including your recipients name at the top of your emails body of text is another way of engaging with them effectively.

It’s especially impressive if you’re able to include more specific details like what they downloaded or purchased from the sender. While keeping these tips in mind, it’s also important to make sure the tone, length and design of your content is engaging to your audience.

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Divide lists based on the buyers’ characteristics

Dividing your email lists is great to focus on when personalising emails. When dividing your email lists, you’ll want to first ensure they’re based on the personality of the buyer. You can then use this information to create email content that is relevant to the recipients in each list.

The next step from creating lists is to create sub-lists containing recipients with additional details such as what actions they made on the senders’ website or what content they interacted with. Ultimately, the lists that have been created should be based on goal.

If email marketing relies on open rate, click rate and interaction, then they should be the goals to aim for. Analysing this data can help improve email content and dispatch timing and, in the end, ensure that the email campaign is as effective as possible. If you and your business need help with Email Marketing Personalisation, then get in touch and the team at Merrehill will be happy to help!

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