Digital Email Marketing – Consistency and Testing

Digital Email Marketing

Digital Email Marketing – Consistency and Testing

We previously spoke about aspects of digital email marketing that Merrehill focus on when implementing our campaigns. The world of digital email marketing is a complicated beast and I couldn’t fit every hint and tip into the last post so were going to revisit them now.

Last time we spoke about how it was important to personalise emails to suite the recipient and how it’s a good idea to keep organised by segmenting your email lists based on traits of your recipients. This time we’re going to be exploring consistency, A/B testing and engaging subject lines.

Consistency in Digital Email Marketing

Digital Email Marketing Consistency

A key component of a successful email marketing campaign is consistency. Your recipients are much more likely to open and interact with your emails if they are actually expecting it from you. Being sent emails periodically isn’t going to cut it because your recipients will mark them as spam and not bother opening them at all. You’ll be able to build rapport with your recipients if you create an email marketing schedule and stick to it.

Creating consistency with your email marketing strategy applies to content as well as frequency. This might go without saying, but, design emails to include content that your audience is highly interested in. This is so that your recipients look forward to your emails when you send them. This includes design, your emails should be branded appropriately and have a consistent design that meets your brands standards.

Don’t Assume Everything Will Work, Test Your Emails

Digital Email Marketing Testing

An easy topic to miss with regards to a successful email marketing strategy in 2018 is A/B testing. We’re only human and we can’t read the minds of our audience, so analysing data helps to refine the message. When running an A/B test on your emails, make sure you focus on testing one variable at a time.

For example, you may focus on:

  • Subject line
  • The offer included
  • Who the email is from
  • Or minor design changes

All of these variables can have a huge impact on the overall success of the campaigns in your email marketing strategy, however you won’t know what works and what doesn’t if you test for every variable at the same time. A/B testing is a time-consuming component of perfecting your email marketing strategy but it is worth it as it can help you continuously improve.

If you and your business would like more information on Consistency and Testing in Email marketing, please do not hesitate to contact us today – we’ll be happy to help!

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