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Email Marketing Manchester

Experience Stunning Email Campaigns

If you are looking for an email marketing company in Manchester, you have landed on the right page. Merrehill is an ingenious email marketing agency that combines various digital disciplines to come up with remarkable email marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to generate leads for your business. You can trust that we will not disappoint because we have been doing this since 2005. Our company has a huge email database with millions of records. This gives us the grand opportunity to identify your target audience using several criteria including, size, industry, area, and much more. We take pride in offering a wide variety of services.

Try Merrehill today for all your email marketing services in Manchester and watch as the leads start flooding in. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly experts.

Develop Unique Effective Email Campaigns

We do all the hard work so that you do not have to. We will run the campaign on your behalf from the design stage. Our experts will keenly study your business so that we come up with something that will give your entity the attention it deserves. Note that our mail servers are set up and configured in a way that facilitates optimum sending. To ensure we are doing the best possible job, we first begin with tests and then proceed to monitor the results.

Fast Results

Merrehill is a reliable company that will start delivering as soon as we start broadcasting emails. It only takes a week for us to stand sending follow-up emails reminding your audience to take the necessary action. As soon as we complete a campaign, we will re-group, analyse the results and immediately start working on your next successful campaign.

Dedicated Account Managers

One of the reasons Merrehill should be your preferred email marketing service provider in Manchester is that we will give you a dedicated account manager who will solely focus on your business without any distractions. This is the professional who will discuss your business needs to know the kind of campaigns that will be most beneficial for your business. They are also great at figuring out who your target audience is based on your requirements so that the campaigns can reach out to the intended audience. You will love the fact that our company uses filtered target audiences to determine how many of our records we can avail for your business. To ensure you get great value for money, we will offer you a quote based on the records available.

Customised Email Marketing

Our email marketing agency in Manchester is one of the companies that are masters in the creation of email copies that effortlessly generate leads. We will study your website and use the information you give us to come up with the best emails that will deliver the results you desire. We also have the neck for picking out the best date for the campaigns to run as soon as we have settled on audience, design, and price. Keep in mind that we will only start broadcasting your emails after developing a distinct on-topic domain campaign. This is the only way we can deliver the results you want.

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