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What we do

Increase market reach? Check. Reduce carbon footprint? Check.

Our 21st century brings everyone closer together—but only virtually. We forget that while most of our messages go across the Internet through servers thousands of miles away, email is still a great way to reach people who are, well, on your doorstep. With mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets becoming ubiquitous, even the milkman could be sending you emails. From your doorstep. (Do we still have milkmen?)

how does it work?

A dedicated Account Manager works with your marketing contact to establish exactly what your product or service is, and who are your market. We can then either provide a breakdown of the UK business contacts available from our database or receive from you a list of your own contacts, such as a customer list. We then use our established email sending systems to ensure a good delivery rate for your campaign, tracking metrics such as email opens and click-throughs to your website, whilst managing list unsubscriptions and removal of undeliverable addresses.

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Why email?

  • Fast turnaround—get an email campaign designed and sent in as little as 48hrs.
  • Fast response, with many email campaigns generating responses the same day.
  • Accurate metrics to track your successes and areas of improvement.
  • Tweaks to your campaign can be made quickly and easily,in some cases while the campaign is being delivered—now that definitely can’t be done done with traditional mail.
  •  An inexpensive route to direct marketing.
  • High return on spend for most.
  • Rapid response.
  • Responsive control-change tack in a day.
  • Turn off and on as needed.
  • Easily scalable for many industries.