Mourning the death of the humble facsimile? Well you shouldn't be. Chin up! Reasons to be cheerful (are three):

  1. Hundreds of thousands of businesses and organisations still use fax machines
  2. We have records of more than 600,000 of them
  3. It's still one of the least expensive means of B2B marketing

But why fax when you can email? Well with email becoming more widespread, a well-designed and targeted fax campaign could stand out in your recipients' fax tray more than it would in their email inbox. But at the same time, fax is not a panacea, and our recommendation is to engage your market by both fax and email. And of course, Merrehill can deliver both campaigns for you.

OPD - One Per Desk

Fax FAQs (see what we did there?)

How long will it take to get a campaign put together?
It can be done within 24 hours, and we've even done it the same day under exceptional circumstances.

Can you design the fax for me?
Yes, and for orders of a certain size, we'll even design it for free.

How much will it cost?
Price depends on volume, so give us a call!

Can I control what time of day my campaign will be sent?
Yes you can—with our fax servers you can choose any time of day to deliver your campaign, and we can deliver up to 30,000 faxes an hour.